Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to fold you "I LIKE TO MAUVE IT El" Chancho

Lay your I Like To Mauve It (ILTM) El Chancho on a flat surface. Hidden pocket & strap should be on the left side.

Place the strap vertically

Fold the right side of the ILTM El Chancho first (the button on the top right should be your marker)

Then fold the left side over.

Now, fold in the left bit of the material underneath, like this!

Turn your poncho over

Fold it down (again, the button as your marker)

Flip it over. Now here's the fun part.
Place your hand into the pocket and aim to scrunch and grasp the material.
Then turn it inside out.
(Ok, perhaps I will video this process in a bit)


Sewn with love,

Eleanor by Daphne Iking

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