Thursday, July 18, 2013

How to Fold the new El Chancho members

Lie your El Chanco flat on a surface. The strap is on the right, hidden pocket on the right.

Place the strap vertically down

Fold the right side of the El Chancho. Use the strap as a marker on where to fold.

Now, fold over the right side. See the left over material on the left side of the pocket?
Fold it in.

Like this!

Next, flip it over.

Fold your El Chancho down (use the button as a guide on where to fold)

Here's the fun bit.
Place your hand into the pocket. Scrunch and grasp the material ...

and turn it inside out


Sewn with love,


Eleanor By Daphne Iking

This is the "HOW TO FOLD YOUR EL CHANCHO" instructions for the following member of the El Chancho Family:

Gianni's Tiger, A British Picnic, Mugunghwa in Winter, Daisy Dukes Denim, Ning's Panthera, Look Left Zulu! Bateeq Blue, Bateeq Brown, Tulips & Daffodils, Baby Blue Meadow, Lucky Me Pinky and Retro Joe,

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