Saturday, September 22, 2012

For just RM99!

El Chancho comes in 6 different colours!

Bashful Extrovert
She's inspired by my friend Lola - who is into Gothic fashion. Mysterious and quiet, she shows the loud side of herself through her zany, dark fashion sense. 

Misconstrued Saint
There was once upon a time, that I LOVED my Daisy Duke denim shorts! Dad used to be so cross with me, and I could never understand why. The shorts were comfy and didn't tear as easy as the cotton bermuda ones that mum would persuade me to use instead. Everyone needs denim in their closet. Right?

Fun Under The Sun
I love beige. It's a safe colour for everyone. I chose this colour to be part of my first batch because when I went looking for a poncho of my own, I wanted something plain. None of these baby-like designed material sort of thingy-ma-jig. I chose the wooden buttons to push a 'green message ' across. I hope to be working with bamboo material soon. =)

Exploding Factor
I cannot say no to chocolate. I have a fridge full of chocolates, and I even make my own pralines so I can choose the fillings that I want inside! And they say, chocolate is great for bonding time with your partner. Need I say more? =)

Wild Jane
I fell in love with this colour because it's so vibrant! Whilst shopping for material, I was caressing this material for the longest time before deciding on buying it. I wanted to go for all plain colours for my first batch -- unsure where this home business would lead me to -- I am glad I got this and the one below just to add variety to the first collection. 

The Forlorn Princess
This reminded me of a time when I was playing with gypsies in the UK while dad was studying there, and the whole family was brought along. I loved how they smelt (of oils and flowers) and how they taught me so many amazing things like map reading, building swings and tree houses, fishing by the pond. I was very cross when my neighbours complained to mum and dad that I was playing with the thieves. My parents, thank God-- were more level-headed than that. I think folks are just too judgmental. I can't wait to go back to Canterbury to see if they still live there.

EL Chancho with my Chanchito.
I love both my girls so very much. xoxo

For orders, do email Free postage for Malaysian addresses. 

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