Tuesday, May 27, 2014

El Chancho galore

I have been receiving enquiries about what El Chancho Nursing Covers do I have in stock with me now, so best I update all my social pages with the available covers I have available now.

1. Cocoa Layer
Normal cover: RM 99.00 

My weakness is chocolate. It makes me happy! 

 2. Blake's Guitar
Normal cover: RM99.00

I love country music and I have a celebrity crush on Blake. Cause he's so cute and dorky at the same time. =)

3. Retro 2
Normal cover :RM99.00

Instead of toys, my parents gave us books and made us listen to a lot of music. I've seem to gravitate towards retro sounds (besides Country of course) ...so funky!
 4. Donna's Burnt Orange (1 piece left!)
Normal Cover: RM99.00

My friend Donna chose this colour. And no...she's never burnt oranges before and she'll never burn your heart...ever!

5. Yellow Kuaci
Normal cover: RM99.00
Dahlia Full Cover: RM149.00

I love bright colours adn I named this yellow kuaci cause the prints remind me of just that -- YELLOW KUACI'S!

We have two different styles for this, the normal cover and the full dahlia coverage ones.

For addictive kuaci lovers...perhaps?

 6. Sunny Daze

Full Dahlia Cover only : Rm149.00

The colour yellow just means happy summers with sunny days for me...Don a fushia pink bikini, slap on some sunblock...ahhhh...bliss!

7. Michelle's Red Paisley

Normal Cover: RM99.00
Dahlia Full Cover: RM 149.00

This design reminds me of my sister Michelle-Ann. She's so girly-girl and ladylike...soooo unlike me! LOL!

Again, this design comes in two styles. The normal cover and the Dahlia full coverage ones.

Do email me at daphne(at)lebosi(dot)(com)(my)

Payment via Maybank or Paypal.

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