Monday, November 4, 2013

El Chancho Latest collection November 2013


So sorry for the silence -- we've been so busy and finally... I had time to sew the last bit of the Chanchos.

For this batch, I changed the design a bit. Instead of buttons, I used an adjustable ring for more flexibility. Plus, I made the "window"stiffer. Because of that, folding your new Chancho can be a bit tricky, but still manageable.

InshaAllah. =)

Changed the "peep window" bit to a more stiffer (but still safe) piece.

Adjustable Ring

Lay your El Chancho flat ("good" side facing up)
Place the strap down (as illustrated)

Fold the right side first

Then fold the left side (the inner pocket should show)

Turn the piece over

Fold it into half (use the button as a reference)

Place your hands inside the inner pocket and grab the El Chancho from the corners ---
pull it out and turn the piece inside out. (Will try make a video of this soonest, ya? We have a video of the previous batch here)

And tadaaaah! You have folded the El Chancho into a neat pouch.

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